The Power of Trust

Not All Data Is Of The Same Value

Acquiring data is easy. Most brands already have existing data in their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to begin with. But in the digital era, transaction data simply isn’t enough. 88% of consumers say the amount of data they share with a company depends on trust.

To build hyper-relevant and personalized consumer experiences, you need to know exactly why, when and how your customers are buying something. 83% of consumers are willing to share their data in return for a personalized experience.

Data empowerment is critical to your future with 75% of consumers believing companies don't handle their personal data responsibly.

Trust + First-party Data

Consumer trust is more important than ever before. Companies lose a staggering $1 trillion in annual revenues to their competitors for not being relevant enough. With competitors just a few clicks away, trust is the only way companies can deliver unique, one-to-one experiences that build loyal relationships.

Companies shoud use CCPA as an opportunity to build trusted relationships with consumers by giving them control over their data. And when you give control with Datawallet, that trusted relationship can grow deeper when you reward users for first-party, previously-siloed data sets---Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn---enabling a new level of hyper-relevent customer experiences.

‌Datawallet System Components

‌Consumer Datawallet A simple and powerful tool for consumer data transparency & control.

‌Enterprise Dashboard Control center for managing privacy functions.

‌Data Connector Integrations to your enterprise data and systems.

‌Audit Control Audit of every privacy change for regulatory compliance with internal or external parties.‌

Datawallet Features

Mapper Efficient mapping of your current data environment for CCPA compliance.

Erasure Give your customers the option to request deletion of data in a granular fashion. Avoid all-or-nothing deletions to ensure you respect your customer's wishes while maintaining other data assets.

Permissions Go beyond CCPA and give your customers the ability to set permissions for individual data assets and use cases. Build trusted relationships and future-proof your compliance efforts by giving your customers the control they deserve.

Authenticate Verify your customers Identity in a few simple steps.

Easy Setup With our direct APIs and integrations to popular CRM and Project Managment software, you can customize the seamless hand-off of both permission changes and lookup, deletion, and download requests.

Keep Your customers can download a data file or keep an encrypted copy in their local Datawallet. With scalable real-time access to permissions, you can offload data assets to your customer's while maintaining access.

Manage Our Admin Console allows you to easily define use cases and data objects, setup integrations, customize branding, and see an overview of how your customers are using their Datawallets.

Blockchain Built on a secure and scalable blockchain, providing immutable proof of every change in permission and request consumers make, and coordinated with every data or use case update your organization makes. A strong foundation for any Regulatory Audit.

Takeaways & Use Cases

Make Trust a Differentiator As consumers become aware of more data privacy and security breaches, they'll increasingly pledge their loyalty to the most transparent and ethical brands.

Understand Your Customer Datawallet’s granular control lets you drill down and see how user interactions evolve and gives you access to the most hyper-relevant and accurate data available. Automotive manufacturers give you access to the customer's preferences.

Access Hyper-Relevant Data Hyper-relevant, personalized consumer experiences, let you know exactly why your customers are buying something, who they’re buying it for, when they’re going to buy it, and more.

Personalize Insurance Quotes Confidently provide individual quotes by accessing ethical data permissioned to the insurance company.

‌Instant Loans Make real-time decisions based on predetermined criteria using social, deep demographic, and behavioral credit scoring.

A better way for CCPA.