The Bigger Picture, CCPA, and Personal Data

The CCPA extends beyond California. Half a million US companies will likely be directly affected by the CCPA.

Companies that rely on data-driven approaches will need to overhaul their data systems and practices in light of new personal data regulations . But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Longer term, reassessing your data architecture will power hyper-relevant and personalized consumer experiences better than ever before.

In the digital era, first-party data is a necessity. Giving consumers granular control, and offering alternatives to the all-or-nothing “delete my data” or “do not sell my data” requests, Datawallet gives you access to the most relevant and accurate data available. Companies that continue to rely on old data practices will quickly lose access to impactful data and fall behind. With Datawallet, businesses have the opportunity to reshape their data collection practices with reputable in-house first-party data, all while taking a leading stance on data privacy.

Demonstrating your ability to power direct personalizations, provide better services and brand experiences is paramount. Datawallet's customizable data dashboard lets you tailor your customer’s journey. In a world of increased data regulations personalization will be a key differentiator among your competitors. Enhance consumer trust with transparent control and an easily audit-able immutable record of user requests. With easy integration, data compliance is just a web snippet away.

The CCPA encompasses three core principles:

Control Consumers should have control over their data.

Transparency Companies should be explicit about how they use consumer data.

Accountability Companies should be held responsible for the misuse of consumer data.

Complying with the CCPA will require understanding where Personal Information is at any given time.

The time to prepare is now

Datawallet goes beyond CCPA legislations and transforms regulatory compliance into opportunity for your business. Maintain trust with your customers, take responsibility and get the most efficient, fair, and insights-driven data available in the market.

Data Regulations Won't End Here

CCPA is just the start of a consumer friendly shift towards fair and ethical data practices. With other states in the U.S. planning to implement CCPA-like regulations, there are almost certainly more regulations to follow. And that's a good thing. Consumers clearly want privacy, autonomy and control over their online data. Companies that embrace this change and give consumers the control they deserve will future-proof themselves against further legislation, receive ethical first-party data, and come out on top.

Use Datawallet as a competitive advantage and demonstrate your value of making CCPA compliance a priority to stakeholders.

A better way to build trust.