CCPA Action Plan

With less than three months left to the CCPA, it's time to fine-tune your plans in response to ongoing data privacy legislation and create a plan for fulfilling consumer requests.

CCPA requirements go into effect on January 1st, 2020, companies will be responsible for meeting the following consumer data rights:

  1. The right to view all data a company has collected about them

  2. The right to have all data a company has collected about them deleted

  3. The right to opt out of the sale or transfer of that data to third parties

How Datawallet Helps:

Identify Personal Information

Mapper: Efficient mapping of your current data environment for CCPA compliance with ticket integration to the systems you already use. Depending on your business model, this list is likely to include team members in marketing, sales, customer service, product, research, and engineering. It may also include partners and vendors, in which case vetting them for compliance would also be necessary.

Fulfil Consumer Requests

Eraser: Give your customers the option to selectively request deletion of sensitive data. With scalable real-time access to permissions, you can offload data assets to your customer's while maintaining access.

Control: Give your customers the ability to set permissions for existing and new data use cases. Gain direct access to previously siloed datasets, such as Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn. Reward users within your loyalty program or with gift cards through Datawallet.

Additional Datawallet Features

ID Verify: Verify your customers Identity in a few simple steps.

ID Unify: Easily unify multiple matching identities across your organisation.

Keep: Your customers can download a data file or keep an encrypted copy in their local Datawallet.

Blockchain: Built on a secure and scalable blockchain to provide immutable proof of your customers data permissions, a strong foundation for a Regulatory Audit. Datawallet enables direct data sharing and other Web3 integrations, an investment into future tech.

Explorer: Powerful data visualizations to help your customers understand their data. ​More transparency leads to trust. And trust leads to greater data access and a larger market cap. The Datawallet admin dashboard lets you quickly view settings, with the ability to drill down and assess how user interactions evolve.

Datawallet System Components

Consumer Datawallet: A simple and powerful tool for consumer data transparency & control.

Enterprise Dashboard: Control center for managing privacy functions.

Data Connector: Integrations to your enterprise data & systems.

Audit Control: Audit of every privacy change for regulatory compliance with internal or external parties.

A better way for CCPA.